• The judges will be appointed by the AFPI committee and the decisions of the judges are final.

  • The judges reserve the right to move an entry from one category to another if they deem it more appropriate.

  • The judges reserve the right to select more than one winner in some categories or not to make an award in any category should the quantity of work not meets the standards set by the judging criteria.

  • All eligible entries are judged based on the merits of tAheir quality of the production, manufacturing process, function, and design.

  • Entries will be judged according to the 4 criteria as follows:

1. Innovation & Function
2. Aesthetics
3. Environmental Concern
4. Overall Impression



Houseware Products

tray, bowl, plate, utensil, trash can, table, chair, furniture and other plastic container, etc.


Food Rigid Packaging

soft drink bottle, water bottle, juice bottle, ready-to-eat food container, instant noodle cup, etc.


Non-food Rigid Packaging

oil container, chemical bottle, detergent bottle, secondary packaging, etc.


Flexible Packaging

stand up pouch, form-fill-seal sachet for coffee, non-dairy creamer and ketchup, retorted pouch, etc.


Personal Care Packaging / Products

shampoo bottle, cosmetic jar, cream tube, sample collection tube, toothbrush, baby feeding bottle, beverage bottle, liquid soap bottle, etc.


Flexible Packaging

saline bottle, saline bag, tube set, syringe, pill container, pharmaceutical bottle, Ampule, blister pack, medical and healthcare equipment, lab and analytical test kits ,etc.



pipe, fitting, construction equipment, electrical conduit, construction part, etc.


Disposable Products

cutlery, chopstick, straw, cup, tray box, plate, shopping bag, garbage bag, etc.


Electrical,Automotive,and OtherDurableProducts/Parts.


Sustainable Award :

A product that has been designed such that it has minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy. The Sustainable award has been especially established to honour companies, institutions and designers who have respect for the environment and who plan for a better future.

Value Creation Award :

A product that perform the actions that increase the worth of goods and elevate the credibility or the visibility of its appearance, which will lead to increased sales and value sustainability. The Value Creation Award has been especially established to honour companies, institutions and designers who innovative in product design, raw material and manufacturing process that could create a product value literally.

Invention Award :

A product that is unique or novel in its function, utilization or appearance. This award is initiated for non-commercialized entry, the samples must be sent in physically i.e. Prototype, 3D printing sample, etc. The only drawings of the products are not accepted.

Entries must be received by 31 July 2018



Main Awards

• Supreme Award: The judges will select from the winner of each of the main category.

• Gold Award: for the winner of each of the main category.

• Silver Award and Bronze Award: for the runner-up of each of the main category.

sPecial award

• Sustainable Award : for the winner who submit the products to compete in sustainable award category.
• Value Creation Award : for the winner who submit the products to compete in value creation award category.
• Invention Award : for the winner who submit the products to compete in invention award category.

Competition Terms & Conditions

1. Entries shall be submitted by individuals, companies or associations involved in any area of plastic manufacturing process including

● Plastic converters

● Manufacturers of resins, compounds, master batch, and pigment

● Manufacturers of machines and moulds.

● Product/brand owner

● Designer

● People involved with the plastic industry

2. Entries (Products) must be manufactured in ASEAN and commercialized.

3. Entries must not violate patent or copyright.

4. Entries must not violate patent or copyright.

5. An applicant can enter as many products in as many different categories.An application form is for one entry per category.

In case an entrant would like to contend the product in several categories, separate application forms and products for each category are required. The entrant must fill in both parts of the application form. (The first part about the entrant’s information such as company name, etc. will remain confidential and not be disclosed to the Judging Panel.)

6. An entrant shall submit two duplicate entries for each category (provision in case of product damage).

7. The costs of transporting entry to and from the competition location and all exhibition expenses of the packages shall be covered by the relevant participants.