Entry Fees : 50US$ /Entry

One application is considered as one entry even the same product is submitted for more than one category.

Payment Information

  • Cash/Cheque to be made payable to “the Federation of Thai Industries”
  • Money transferring to saving account of “the Federation of Thai Industries” Krungthai Bank, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center branch at account number 009-1-70874-5
  • The Federation of Thai Industries was established under the F.T.I Act, 1987. As it is the private sector administrative juristic person to serve as the core organization and as the center for all Thai industries in the kingdom, FTI is not considered a “Company Limited”, or a “Limited Partnership” under Section 39 of the Revenue Code, so it is not subjected to deduction of 3% withholding tax

Remark : Please fax application form and pay-in slip to +66(0)2 229-4654 to get a receipt